Precision Metal Fabrication

In the metal fabrication industry, the term ‘precision’ represents a nearly unprecedented level of accuracy.

High tolerances and stringent specifications are the name of the game, and at Titan Metal Worx, we’re accustomed to fabricating pieces that reflect the industry’s highest quality standards.

Just how do we maintain such a high degree of accuracy, you ask? We’d love to explain.

An expansive climate-controlled facility

Our day-to-day operations take place in a 35,000-square-foot, climate-controlled facility. By maintaining consistent air temperature and quality, you don’t have to worry about the integrity of your materials being compromised. We’re able maintain structural consistency at every stage of the production process.

Cutting-edge technology

We take pride in staying ahead of the industry curve, implementing some of the most innovative technologies on the market. We upgrade equipment regularly, and we pride ourselves in offering a variety of cutting-edge solutions.

Additionally, we offer an expansive array of equipment featuring Computer Numerical Controls. This gives machine operators the ability to maneuver tools using a computer, a process that ensures the highest levels of accuracy and precision. CNC machining has quickly become the industry standard in machine shops across the globe.

Skilled staff engineers

Our skilled team of staff engineers knows how to execute even the most complicated projects, maintaining insightful direction from kickoff to completion.

Titan’s engineers represent a variety of specialties, including mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, electrical engineering, hydraulic engineering, tooling and fixturing, reverse engineering and more. We can help you transform your raw concept into a tangible design using Autodesk Inventor Pro 3D CAD software. From simple parts to complex assemblies, Titan Metal Worx has your engineering needs covered.

Stringent inspection processes

Our production process uses a comprehensive system of checks and balances. Specifically, we monitor pieces at multiple stages of the fabrication process, ensuring that every single product meets specified tolerances when complete.

Our FARO portable CMM arms (2-foot and 4-foot) make it possible to measure parts with extreme precision, allowing us to deliver a final product that reflects 100 percent accuracy.

Benchmark standards

Finally, we are proud to be ISO 9001:2008 certified, an industry certification that illustrates our demonstrated ability to provide products that continually meet customer and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements. This classification also demonstrates our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.

Bottom line: At Titan Metal Worx, you can expect us to cut metal – but we’ll never cut corners. You have our word.