Turnkey Solution

Titan Metal Worx provides top-notch engineering, fabrication and welding services to a growing list of clients in the Midwest and beyond – but that sentence doesn’t tell the whole story of what we do best.

We’re also in the business of solving problems.

You see, many of our customers turn to us for help with a variety of manufacturing needs because they know we will step up and find a way to get the job done. Truly, it’s what we do best.

Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as a reliable manufacturing partner, and we pride ourselves in providing turnkey solutions. Bottom line: We’re here to help our customers finish projects on time and on spec by eliminating the need to work with multiple vendors. Titan Metal Worx is your single-source solution.

So, what’s our secret? We’d love to explain.

We are extremely fortunate to have a team of employees that represent many of the industry’s top specialties, including engineering, welding and quality control. Together, we bring a seamless list of skills and expertise to the drawing board.

In terms of manufacturing, there aren’t many companies that offer all of these services in one centralized location. Ultimately, we’re able to help customers limit their supply chain, eliminating unnecessary headaches and hassles along the way.

Every once in a great while, we do find that we need to outsource something to an outside vendor. When that happens, we work directly with the vendor on behalf of our customer, and we can then deliver a finished product.

We think backward and forward.

Not all jobs have an obvious staring point. Sometimes, for example, customers come to us with a drawing for a part that needs to be produced. Other times, customers come with a part, but we have to rewind a bit and reverse engineer the project because drawings don’t exist.

Regardless of which direction we need to head, we have an on-site design team that can easily navigate the process.

We also think outside the box.

Sometimes, customers come to us with additional requests, and we frequently go out of our way to accommodate those requests – even when they’re not on our traditional menu of services.

Recently, we had a customer who asked if he could ship a bunch of parts from another country to our facility and have our team assemble the parts for him. We were happy to help. Within a few weeks, we shipped boxes of assembled components to a very happy customer.

Click here to watch a video about our turnkey solutions. 

Let’s connect

We welcome the opportunity to work with new customers. If you have upcoming projects that you’d like to discuss, feel free to reach out at 260.422.4433 or sales@titanmetalworx.com