Our Engineering Team

Titan Metal Worx has a skilled team of engineers that bring a variety of specialized skills to the drawing board.

Together, we have 45 years of combined engineering service. More important: We routinely build on each person’s individual unique skill sets, which include specialties like hydraulics, material science, trailer and gear design, vehicle design, construction, electronics and controls.

By building a well-rounded team, we have the ability to understand a customer’s design with a greater depth of knowledge. We familiarize ourselves with the origin of a component, we learn how it is made and we seek to understand how it fits into the entire production process.

Laying the Groundwork

Engineering manager for Titan Metal Worx says engineering often represents the first step in the manufacturing process. “Good attention to detail and an understanding of the entire process are critical,” he says. “We have to understand the functionality of each product and the mechanics that come into play.”

At the onset of a project, in fact, it’s not uncommon for Titan to send a team of engineers to a customer’s facility. By observing the client’s manufacturing process firsthand, Titan is able to create or re-create a manufacturing component.

Range of Services

In many instances, customers reach out to us with project prints in hand. From there, we’re able to create the parts they need, checking tolerances and paying close attention to detail at every step of the way.

Other times, customers rely on us to reverse engineer a manufacturing component. To do this, our engineering team takes a product and tries to figure out exactly how it’s made and how it works.

In either scenario, Titan Metal Worx engineers are always on the lookout for product modifications that can improve efficiency. Using a team approach, we suggest potential cost-saving and time-saving measures.

Do you have a project you would like to discuss? We invite you to reach out to us at 260.422.4433 or sales@titanmetalworx.com. We look forward to setting the wheels in motion!