DMG Mori NLX 2500 Live Tooling

The NLX 2500 from DMG Mori is a top-class, universal turning center with a turning diameter of up to 14.4 in and rotational spindle speed of up to 4,000 rpm. Specifically, the NLX2500SY-700 is a 2-spindle lathe with a live tooling head that allows for multiple machining operations to be accomplished with one machine and one set-up. This allows for greater accuracy, faster cycle times, and requires less labor cost. Applications range from automotive flywheels, disk brakes, drive shafts, and much more. 

Other capabilities of the NLX 2500 Universal Turning Center include:

  • Built-in motor turret
  • Energy-saving setting
  • 29.5 HP output
  • High rigidity with slideways used for XYZ axes

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